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Dear Doctor Who

When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend…wait. No. That’s Amy Pond.

But I did grow up watching you when you were Tom Baker being clever, eating jelly babies and wearing a funky scarf. I was a bit young at the time so sometimes I didn’t always understand what was happening, but still I watched. Even when your face changed.

As the years started to pass and I grew up, I watched a little less and then I didn’t watch at all. Ok, granted, I stopped watching because you were taken off air but hey, details. Let’s not dwell on those dark days eh?

I’ve never considered myself a hard core fan, just a bit more invested in you than the average person. I don’t have many Classic episodes collecting dust on my shelf, or all the stories memorised. Just fond memories of you keeping me enthralled throughout my childhood.

I did get very excited in 2005 when you came back. Does it sound odd that I still remember being nervous when I sat down to watch ‘Rose’ – just in case you were a crushing disappointment in my adulthood? Oh, but you did not disappoint me. You were back and modern, and dare I say it – better than ever.

I’ve been watching you ever since. Sorry, I hope that didn’t sound too creepy? But no, really, I’ve been watching you, and now Saturday is never quite the same without you.

So thank you Doctor Who, the BBC and all the people who make you; to all the spin offs like Doctor Who Magazine and Big Finish who kept your spirit alive throughout the wilderness years and the general Who community that now thrives online. I especially love the fan art.

Thank you for firing my imagination. For the surreptitious tears I have occasionally wiped away (but will never admit to) when your stories tug at my heart. For the frequent chuckles. For being with me for so many years throughout my life.

Consider this unofficial fan site a labour of love for you, my very dear Doctor Who.


Ps. Copyright for all Doctor Who stuff and especially things belongs to the BBC, yadda yadda.

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