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Doctor Who cast announcement for series 11

Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole were all revealed in a Doctor Who cast announcement to be the new Tardis Team for Series 11 alongside Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth Doctor.

A Doctor Who cast announcement was made that Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole will all be joining Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker on board the Tardis for Series 11
Mandip Gill, Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will be joining Jodie Whittaker on the Tardis (Photo: BBC)

The BBC announced Bradley will be playing Graham, Mandip will be Yasmin and Tosin will be Ryan – all were described as ‘friends’ of the Doctor, rather than the more traditional term ‘companion’. Interesting!

It was also mentioned that Sharon D Clarke will be joining the show in a returning role.

Chris Chibnall (New Head Writer and Executive Producer) was quoted:

“The new Doctor is going to need new friends. We’re thrilled to welcome Mandip, Tosin and Bradley to the Doctor Who family. They’re three of Britain’s brightest talents and we can’t wait to see them dive into brand new adventures with Jodie’s Doctor. Alongside them, we’re delighted that Sharon D Clarke is also joining the show.”

Jodie Whittaker added:

“I am so excited to share this huge adventure with Mandip, Tosin and Bradley. It’s a dream team!”

Along with this Doctor Who cast announcement, it was also revealed that the new series will be a ten week run of fifty minute episodes starting in Autumn 2018. This is slightly less episodes than previous series, but a slightly longer run time per show.

The Doctor’s first introductory adventure will be a feature length hour long story.

I look forward to seeing how this larger team dynamic will work on the Tardis next series!


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