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Doctor Who Fan Art Friday – August 4 edition

Doctor Who Fan Art Friday August 4th

It’s Fan Art Friday again, and my virtual love affair with the Doctor Who Fan Art community continues unabated. Here are just a few of the fab things I’ve spotted this week on Twitter.

This week’s (seriously, where did the week go?) Doctor Who Fan Art is dedicated entirely to Peter Capaldi. On this day in 2013, Peter was announced as the Twelfth Doctor!

Let’s get cracking with our Fan Art eh?


As someone who can’t draw if their life depended on it, this work in progress gif hypnotises me. I can’t help but keep watching it and the finished art is brilliant too.

Not a huge fan of the electric guitar (mid-life crisis anyone?), but I do love the rock star look!

I love this one too – the Doctor in a kilt, brilliant!

Peter Capaldi on a Post-It note, yes please…

That’s all for Fan Art Friday this week folks. If you’ve enjoyed it, be sure to check out my other Doctor Who Fan Art posts.

Have you made or seen any other great fan art recently that you want to share? If so drop me a line or tag me as @deardoctorwho on Twitter or find me as @deardoctorwhofansite on Facebook. Honestly, I can never see enough of this wonderful art! 🙂


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