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Doctor Who Fan Art Friday – July 21 edition


Dear Doctor Who Fan Art Friday

It’s not surprising that after the huge reveal last weekend of the thirteenth Doctor, there has been a virtual explosion of wonderful Doctor Who fan art online in response.

While the decision to cast a woman in the lead role may be controversial in some quarters, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of people happy to welcome Jodie Whittaker to the Doctor Who family.

I love the Whovian fan art community, it always seems so warm and welcoming and at times like this, I really wish I could draw. Instead, I will just admire everyone else’s amazing work.


Fans wasted no time, this one was up less than an hour after the announcement!


Really lovin’ the pose. I hope Doctor 13 will be an action girl! Nothing too crazy, just I like my Doctor’s to be runners 😀


Love this one based off of a Tweet made by Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) after the announcement. He’s riffing off one of his in-character lines from the show when he regenerated.


The Thirteenth Doctor taking her place alongside her NuWho predecessors





Last but not least, Twelve hand’s over the key to the Tardis… (*sob*)


Have you made or seen any other great Thirteenth Doctor fan art this week? I’m going to make Fan Art Friday a regular thing on the site, so drop me a line or tag me as @deardoctorwho on Twitter or @deardoctorwhofansite on Facebook and let’s share the Doctor Who Fan Art love!


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