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Doctor Who Fan Art Friday – July 28 edition

Fan Art Friday July 28th

It’s Fan Art Friday and once again I am blown away (and still jealous) by the amazing talent in the Doctor Who community. Time to share some favourites that caught my eye this week.

Still plenty of art for Jodie Whittaker, despite the fact that we’ve only seen her as the Doctor for a few seconds in the reveal trailer. It really is nice to see so much warmth and enthusiasm being sent her way.

She rocks the Twelfth Doctor’s outfit really well, don’t you think?

I imagine we’ll see her in something similar to this at Christmas. Assuming Peter Capaldi regenerates in his ‘tatty’ long coat (which is my favourite of his jackets) he was seen wearing in the Christmas Special trailer.

Some Fan Art Friday love for Peter Capaldi next. He’s not gone yet and is still our beloved Doctor.

Was lovely seeing him at SDCC and confess to a little lump in my throat watching the Thank You video that they made for him. He really was like a real life rock star too, when he walked on stage in his shades 😀

Lots of fantastic pieces still emerging celebrating Series 10 too.

We even have some in honour of the Christmas Special  that was revealed at SDCC on Sunday

That’s all for this week’s Fan Art Friday. Have you made or seen any other great fan art recently that you want to share? If so drop me a line or tag me as @deardoctorwho on Twitter or find me as @deardoctorwhofansite on Facebook. I can never see enough of the stuff! 🙂


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