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T-Shirt Tuesday 12th November – Doctor Who meets Rapunzel

Karon Hallion artwork - Doctor Who meets Rapunzel
Karon Hallion artwork – Doctor Who meets Rapunzel

It’s been a while since my last one, but time for another T-shirt Tuesday. This is the day of the week I share a Doctor Who t-shirt that’s particularly caught my eye.

T-shirt Tuesday

Like most people I’m a member of multiple fandoms, so when two collide I am twice as happy!

This brings me to one of my favourite mash up artists, Karen Hallion. Karen’s art crosses many fandoms, but my personal favourite is her wonderful Doctor Who and Disney creations.

Loving this design where Doctor Who meets Rapunzel. (Sidenote: One of my favourite movies is Tangled! Don’t hate me Frozen fans – DDW)

Karen Hallion Rapunzel women's t-shirt
Available on a wide selection of men and women’s t-shirts

Available from TeePublic*

This is just for extra fun. I checked out this image on a few other products and thought it worked well on this Tote bag too.

Karen Hallion Doctor Who and Rapunzel Tote Bag
Not just on t-shirts, but items like Tote Bags and phone cases

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