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Doctor Who News Roundup – August 6 edition

Doctor Who news: Peter Capaldi appearing at the Florida Supercon 2017 panel, talking about his time on Doctor Who

It’s ‘Convention season’ and included in this week’s Doctor Who news roundup are actor panel chats from Florida Supercon and WizardWorld in Columbus. Plus we have details of Jodie Whittaker’s scheduled interviews for the coming week.

Peter Capaldi at Florida Supercon shared some memories about his time on the show. He also tells how he called Jodie Whittaker when hearing she was his successor, and how due to bad timing, hasn’t able to meet her in person (yet).

Playing the Doctor is a unique experience and Matt Smith lunched with Peter when he was announced as Twelve. Peter seems keen to ‘pay it forward’ as he now hands over the baton.

You can watch the full panel below.

David Tennant, Catherine Tate and John Barrowman (a little over a week after he had his appendix out!!) were all in attendance at Wizardworld. Us poor stay-at-homes were thrown a bone as both David Tennant’s and John Barrowman’s panel were broadcast on Facebook Live.

Inevitably David was asked his thoughts about Jodie Whittaker (especially as he’s worked with her in Broadchurch) and manages to make a child in the audience cry, aww, hehe.

You can watch the full David Tennant panel below.


COLUMBUS! We’re LIVE with David Tennant! Enjoy #wizardworld

Posted by Wizard World on Saturday, 5 August 2017

John Barrowman, despite nursing his post surgery wounds, is still his crazy, anecdotal, innuendo laden, naughty self (you have been warned!).


Anddddd we’re LIVE with John Barrowman!

Posted by Wizard World on Saturday, 5 August 2017


“If ever there was the possibility that would happen (of being back in Doctor Who), it would probably happen with Chris Chibnall”

So there you have it, not for the first time John has indicated his willingness to come back. I suspect it’s still unlikely but it does fuel the imagination of how that previous Doctor/Jack dynamic would spark with Jodie and John, doesn’t it?

Other Doctor Who news this week

Jodie Whittaker is starting her promotional campaign for upcoming drama series Trust Me, where she ironically portrays a fake Doctor. These are the first interviews she’s made since the announcement of her becoming the Thirteenth Doctor, so likely to be Doctor Who questions heading her way which she’ll hopefully answer!

She’s making 3x BBC Radio appearances this week, which you can listen to live online.

You can follow me on Twitter if you want updates and reminders during the week about these interviews taking place.

Big Finish have a summer offer on right now, which includes a number of their Classic Who audio plays featuring Doctor’s One, Three and Five and also Fourth Doctor era Jago and Litefoot (this Who spin off is a very popular series if you’ve never heard it before).

Doctor Who news: Big Finish 20% Summer Offer includes several Classic Doctor Who Audios

You can check them out on the Big Finish website, offer ends August 14th. That said, also check Amazon as an alternative if you’re looking to buy on CD (especially if you read this news after the sale has ended) as sometimes it can be a cheaper, notably when factoring in postage.

Find some of the titles in question available on Amazon UK: Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: The Scorchies (3rd Doctor),  Doctor Who Companion Chronicles – The First Doctor Volume Two (1st Doctor), Jago & Litefoot: Series 9 (4th Doctor spin off).

Or you can find them on Amazon USADoctor Who Companion Chronicles: The Scorchies (3rd Doctor),  Doctor Who Companion Chronicles – The First Doctor Volume Two (1st Doctor), Jago & Litefoot: Series 9 (4th Doctor spin off).

That’s all of my Doctor Who news for the week folks, as always, will update with another roundup next week.


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