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Bradford Exchange Doctor Who Tardis Clock

This Tardis Clock from The Bradford Exchange is a Limited Edition of 9,999
This Tardis Clock from The Bradford Exchange is a Limited Edition of 9,999

Doctor Who collectibles don’t get any more ‘timey-wimey’ than this Limited Edition (9,999) Tardis clock.

Available for purchase from Amazon, it’s made exclusively by The Bradford Exchange and is officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise.

Tardis Clock Features

Missy, a Cyberman, an Ood, a Sontaran and a Zygon are all revolving around the base of this wall Clock.

You might want to beware the Weeping Angels which are sitting beside the clock face though, which itself features various cogs and Gallifreyan symbols.

Dalek ‘weights’ hang from the bottom along with the Seal of Rassilon pendulum though these are just cosmetic. The ‘cuckoo’, which appears on the hour, is a Red Supreme Dalek.

Such is the detail on this clock, that a grain effect can be also be seen on the blue wooden Tardis and it even features a “Pull to Open” sign subtly tucked away on it’s side.

Another nice touch is it plays Mars from The Planets Suite by Holst – yes, your Tardis clock has both time and space covered.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a One Year Guarantee. Oddly, considering it’s price point, batteries are not included…

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