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Regeneration Is Coming – New Doctor Who Trailer

Twice Upon A Time Doctor - Who Christmas Special. Twelve's Regeneration Is Coming
Saying goodbye to Twelve – The Regeneration is coming (Photo: BBC)

The BBC today released another Christmas trailer for highly anticipated Twice Upon A Time. While only 30 seconds long it lands some big punches as we get lots of sneak peeks of what lies ahead: The Regeneration is coming.

We get a glimpse of the Time Vortex with a glassy effect which is presumably a result of the new ‘glass enemy‘, who we know has frozen time.

Then we watch as the Tardis is winched up into a space ship while the Doctor is still inside then later see what could be the same ship exploding. There are also snippets where we see Bill, a bit of bantering between the First and Twelfth Doctor, an alien looking red landscape, plus more explosions!

The Regeneration is coming

The whole trailer finishes with one last tantalising glimpse of Twelve regenerating in an exploding Tardis.

Phew. Now THAT is what I call a trailer! But don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself.

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