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Sonic Screwdriver Keychain Torch

Doctor Who: Twelve's Sonic Screwdriver keychain torch - it lights up in both blue and green!
Twelve’s Sonic Screwdriver as a dual coloured keychain torch

This officially licensed Sonic Screwdriver keychain torch is basically a mini-version of the Twelfth Doctor’s dual coloured Sonic first featured at the end of season 9 of Doctor Who.

You can buy this Sonic screwdriver keychain torch from Amazon.

Made from sturdy plastic, this torch lights up in two colours. There is a little sliding switch on the Sonic’s side – slide the switch up and your Sonic lights up green; slide the switch down and it lights up blue.

Unfortunately there is no sound so you’ll have to make the high pitched Sonic whirring noises yourself!

I do have one of these myself and love it. I’ve not attached my keys to it (besides who needs keys when I have a Sonic…) as while the sliding switch is quite robust, I know I’ll stuff them in my bag or pocket, turn on the light and accidentally run the batteries down. Instead I keep my Sonic Screwdriver keychain hanging off a hook by my computer like an ornament, where I can randomly turn it on and off at whim.

Talking of batteries, this does come with them installed so you can play with your Sonic Screwdriver keychain straight out of the box. It uses three 1.5V batteries (size LR41) which are those small round ones usually used in calculator’s etc.

The Sonic Screwdriver keychain torch

This Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver keychain torch lights up in both blue and green - just like Twelve's Sonic in the show
This lights up in both blue and green!

This keychain is just a straight up bit of affordable, every day Doctor Who fun and doesn’t really pretend to be otherwise. I think it makes for a great ‘stocking filler’ type gift.

If you’re looking for a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver that’s more of a high quality ‘Collectable’ then check out this Eleventh/Twelfth Doctor Sonic instead. It also doubles up as a Remote Control!


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