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T-Shirt Tuesday 15th August: Twas The Night Before…

A Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts and Nardole from Doctor Who all appear in this T-shirt design with a sort of Nightmare Before Christmas vibe.

Every Tuesday is T-shirt Tuesday, where I pick out a Doctor Who T-Shirt that has especially caught my eye each week. It’s a tradition which I’ll continue, unless I get bored and think up a new tradition or just eat some delicious cake.

T-shirt Tuesday

I really like the gothic Nightmare Before Christmas vibe from this design, the two ‘universes’ mash up surprisingly well. Also fun to see not just the Doctor and Bill, but Nardole included too – loving that it’s the whole Tardis Team!

Doctor Who T-shirt featuring the Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts and Nardole. Loving the Nightmare Before Christmas feel to the design, really works well!

Available from TeePublic*


*Note that I have not bought this product myself (when I buy, I also review and will link to that if I have), therefore I can’t endorse this product personally.

But I really, really like it, ok? I mean, look at it, what’s not to love? You see where I’m coming from right? Great, I knew you would. Let’s be friends! Maybe you’ll even want to see my other T-Shirt selections?


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