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T-Shirt Tuesday 22nd August: Adipose Rule…

Cure Adipose trying to get into the Tardis from Doctor Who

Yes it’s T-Shirt Tuesday again already – where does the time go? Every week I embrace my inner geek by sharing a Doctor Who t-shirt that’s caught my eye with you. It’s a bit of a tradition, which I’ll continue to do…unless I get bored and think up a new tradition.

T-shirt Tuesday

Ok, I know they’re basically blobs of fat, but they are cute blobs of fat! How can you not love these little blobs of… well, anyhow, we love ’em, right?

Can get the t-shirt in multiple colours, but I prefer it on the grey marl version best personally.

Cute Adipose trying to get into Tardis on Doctor Who - T-shirt Tuesday

Available from TeePublic*

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*Note that I have not bought this product myself (when I buy, I also review and will link to that if I have), therefore I can’t endorse this T-shirt first hand. I do really like the design though!


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