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T-shirt Tuesday 8th August: When Fandoms Collide

T-Shirt Tuesday 8th August: When Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek collide!

It appears that I have a tradition, which is good because I’m a creature of habit. Therefore on T-shirt Tuesday I’ll post a Doctor Who Tee that caught my eye. I’ll keep doing this till I get bored and think up a new tradition. Probably.

Posting a Doctor Who T-shirt Tuesday every week

It’s an old one but a good one, and always makes me chuckle when I see it. Hell, anything that has the potential to tweak a fandom – including my own – is fine by me, life’s too short to take everything too seriously!

T-Shirt Tuesday 8th August: The fandom worlds of DoctorWho, Star Wars and Star Trek collide

Available from TeePublic*

You can see all my other T-Shirt Tuesday selections by clicking here. <- Yes, right there.


*Note that I have not bought this product myself (when I buy, I also review and will link to that if I have), therefore I do not endorse this product personally. I suspect this will be on my Christmas list though. Oh good grief, I refuse to think about Christmas already!

Anyhow, I happen to like it. It makes me smile, ok? Great. I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength here, now let’s be friends. Unless you think aliens who change their body on a molecular level can’t be female, then I’ll have to think it over. Sorry.


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